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At Birikim Cıvata&Talaşlı İmalat quality control procedures begin with creating the quality control plan for specific product. This plan includes all quality controls from the first raw material input to the final product output. As standart these controls are applied on every product:

 - Control of raw material input: includes correction of raw material with necessary chemical analyses and mechanical tests, quantity, doing control of measure suitability.

 - Interlude Control: includes controlling the products that are produced from every machine during production by periods according to measure precision. Period of control is maximum 30 minutes. This duration may be shortened according to measure precision.

 - Process Control: When a product passes from one process to the one other, ISO 2859-1 standart is applied unless otherwise specified, and sample is analyized. Unsuitable product is prevented to pass to next processes.

 - Final Control: After product is done, sample is analyized according to ISO 2859-1 standarts, products are allowed to delivery if result is positive.

Documents that are sent with Product;

3.1 Quality Document(organized according to ISO EN 10204)

Report of Physical Measurement

Certificate of Raw Material(Mill Certificate Analysis Report)

Report of Coating Thickness

Reports of Hardness

Reports of Mechanical Tests

Reports that are sent willing to Customer

3.2 Quality Document

Report of Specimen Control before Mass Product



Reports of Crack Tests. Ultrasonic, Magnetic, etc.

Result of Abrasion Test

Result of Impact Test

Test Results of Microstructure Analysis

Laboratory Quality Control Devices

Tensile Test Device(1500kN)

CMM Video Measurement Device(with 0.0005 precision)

Hardness Measurement Device(HRC-HRB)

Surface Finish Measurement Device

Gauges for Bolts

Gauges for Nuts

Digital Micrometers, Callipers with 0.001 precision

Comparator and other hand tools for measurement

Test Services

Tensile Test

Impact Test

Ultrasonic Crack Test

Magnetic Crack Test

Hardness Measurement

Surface Finish Measurement

Nut Abrasion Test

Microstructure Analysis

Metal Spectrometer Analysis



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